BodyTalk System

Bodytalk System

BodyTalk System sessions help to re-establish communication in the body. Blockages in the body can cause breakdowns in our internal communication systems. BodyTalk tapping helps to release these blockages and increase energy flow and connections. In BodyTalk sessions, the practitioner gently muscle-tests the individual using a comprehensive protocol of questions. Areas of “priority” are identified and specific tapping is applied to synchronize these areas.

The BodyTalk System is  similar to the QXCI Biofeedback system, however, it is administered by hand. Furthermore, the biofeedback device primarily identifies items and values that are programmed into the device, whereas in BodyTalk, the body itself is guiding and identifying  areas of stress or priority. However, I most often prefer to run a person through the biofeedback device first because it provides a comprehensive overview to a person’s basic constitution and significant areas of stress. I incorporate the BodyTalk system to identify priorities and hidden challenges.

The BodyTalk “cortices” technique is a simple tapping system which balances the brain and stimulates the body’s self-healing potential. Cortices is taught to clients as part of a self care plan. The BodyTalk “cortices” technique is also taught to clients for relaxation, stress and pain relief.

Clients have reported significant improvements with anxiety, breathing disorders and sleep disturbances.  BodyTalk sessions are scheduled by the hour.

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