Meridian Tapping Techniques

Meridian Tapping methods are simple, yet powerful techniques that help to release issues such as pain and anxiety. As concerns such as pain, anxiety, or trauma, are discussed and identified, they are intentionally stated while specific acupuncture meridian points are lightly tapped. There are a number of different techniques used during sessions according to individual needs. All techniques are done together so that the client becomes familiar with the methods and acquires the techniques for their own use.

The standard Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) system is a simple method often used in sessions. This method is taught by Dawson Church, one of the original EFT pioneers and trainers. It is also taught and advocated by Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution, recently on the New York Times best seller list.

Faster EFT, developed by Robert Smith, is faster, with fewer tapping points and a more improvised script. It is a bit rogue as methods go, however, the results are impressive.

Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) is also similar to EFT but with an extended tapping series that does not require making statements. TTT is more appropriate in trauma situations and only requires the client to think lightly about their trauma while tapping is applied. and are often “homework” sites that I direct clients to. They are extremely user friendly and require no prior knowledge. Clients can go to this website and simply tap-a-long at home. Level 1 is a brief, however transformative, tapping series.

Clients report instant, though lasting, positive changes using these techniques. I have a great affinity for tapping techniques because I feel it gives people measured autonomy in understanding and experiencing how their body-mind works and how to best work with it. Sessions are at once therapeutic and educational. Sessions are scheduled by the hour and often require very few follow-up sessions, if any.

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