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Visitors! The purpose of this site is to provide education, guidance and support to people interested in taking a pro-active approach to their own health and well-being. A QXCI Biofeedback analysis reveals what is causing significant stress to the body-mind and what the body is asking for support! Meridian tapping techniques are practiced and taught so that clients are able to have a positive impact on their own self-care. My approach to nutrition is practical and sustainable, based on diets where people have fared well for thousands of years. I also offer weekly Sahaj guided meditations in the Portland area, free of charge. Welcome again and thank you for visiting!

QXCI Biofeedback Sessions

  • Comprehensive, non-invasive quantum biofeedback analysis of your body’s reactions to thousands of items including nutrients, hormones, allergens, heavy metals, and risks.
  • QXCI analysis provides the information to avoid items that are causing stress and incorporating items that support one’s body and mind.

Meridian Tapping Sessions

  • Tapping methods address issues by raising the awareness of a concern (pain, anxiety, trauma) and tapping on specific acupuncture meridian points to release them from the body-mind.
  • Clients are taught these techniques for their own self care.
  • Clients report instant, though lasting, positive changes using these techniques. 

Faye Deveres Brandmaier, CBT, TTT, is a certified Biofeedback practitioner, BodyTalk Systems therapist and Trauma Tapping Technique counselor. Faye received her biofeedback training and certification at the Centre of International Holistic Studies in Toronto, Ontario. She has been practicing biofeedback with children and adults out of the Portland, Maine area since 2004. Faye is a trainer as well as a practitioner.

Faye is also a California state certified teacher and has worked with children with developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders since 1979. She headed the communications program at Pacific Children’s Center in Oakland, California and served as vice-president for the United World for International Children’s Rights in Vienna, Austria from 1996 to 1999. She is a cancer and chemotherapy survivor using energy medicine as an integral part of her own self-care.

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